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Nuke pipeline

By | 04.10.2020

GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again. If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. If nothing happens, download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again. Upgrading from the previous version? Use a Migration Guide. Nuke provides a simple and efficient way to download and display images in your app. Behind its clear and concise API is an advanced architecture which enables its unique features and offers virtually unlimited possibilities for customization.

Documentation for the latest stable version Nuke 8. To learn more see a full API Referenceand check out the demo project included in the repo.

When you are ready to install, follow the Installation Guide. See Requirements for a list of supported platforms. If you encounter any issues, the Troubleshooting Guide might help. If you'd like to contribute to Nuke see Contributing. Nuke will check if the image exists in the memory cache, and if it does, will instantly display it.

If not, the image data will be loaded, decoded, processed, and decompressed in the background. See Image Pipeline Guide to learn how images are downloaded and processed. When you request a new image for the existing view, Nuke will prepare it for reuse and cancel any outstanding requests for the view.

When the view is deallocated, an associated request gets canceled automatically. To manually cancel the request, call Nuke. Use ImageLoadingOptions to set a placeholderselect one of the built-in transitionsor provide a custom one.

In case you want all image views to have the same behavior, you can modify ImageLoadingOptions. Please keep in mind that the built-in extensions for image views are designed to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

If you want to have more control, or use some of the advanced features, like animated images, it is recommended to use ImagePipeline directly in your custom views. ImageRequest allows you to set image processors, change the request priority and more:. Another way to apply processors is by setting the default processors on ImagePipeline. These processors will be applied to all images loaded by the pipeline. If the request has a non-empty array of processorsthey are going to be applied instead.

The advanced options available via ImageRequestOptions. For example, you can provide a filteredURL to be used as a key for caching in case the URL contains transient query parameters. There are more options available, to see all of them check the inline documentation for ImageRequestOptions. Nuke features a powerful and efficient image processing infrastructure with multiple built-in processors which you can find in ImageProcessors namespace, e.

By default, the target size is in points. When the image is loaded, Nuke will downscale it to fill the target area maintaining the aspect ratio. To crop the image set crop to true.Nuclear-trained ETs perform duties in nuclear propulsion plants operating reactor control, propulsion and power generation systems. The character of NF jobs is mentally stimulating and offers career growth. The NF provides opportunities to work closely with specialists in the nuclear, technology, and engineering fields.

Nuclear-trained ETs operate reactor control, propulsion, and power generation systems in nuclear propulsion plants. The Nuclear Field program trains personnel for nuclear submarines and nuclear surface ship assignments.

No promise can be made regarding the type of duty assigned. MMs may be required to perform some heavy physical work. They must be able to work closely with others and, in some cases, with limited supervision. The Nuclear Training career path is the most academically challenging enlisted rating in the Navy. In fact, it offers the highest specialty pay and reenlistment bonuses of the Navy and requires intensive training the first few years of service for the recruit seeking the Nuclear Training career path.

Students in the nuclear career path must be motivated self-starters with a keen understanding of advanced math and sciences. Once you finish Nuke school, you will go to your first sea command. Your main job is qualifying. You will qualify to stand duty with the reactor power plant. Taking information logging and relaying this information to the officer in charge. Also communicating with the officer in charge of the plant to the people out in the plant doing their job will also be a major part of your first duties as the new guy in the submarine or nuclear-powered ship.

This process can take several months to a year or more, but once you are qualified, you are now able to test or fix any reactor safety-related equipment.

nuke pipeline

The best way to describe the job of the Nuke ET is if something breaks, you cannot take it to the shop to get fixed. The Nuke ET is the shop when you go out to sea. Many Nuke ETs have a strong foundation in the applied engineering field through years of education and training, that easily apply to completing your engineering degree when you decide to go to college after or even during your enlistment.

Advancement promotion opportunity and career progression are directly linked to a rating's manning level i.

nuke pipeline

Note: Sea tours and shore tours for sailors that have completed four sea tours will be 36 months at sea followed by 36 months ashore until retirement. Careers Navy Jobs. Full Bio Follow Twitter. Stew Smith is the U. Read The Balance's editorial policies.

Must have a normal color perception Must have normal hearing see below month obligation Must be a U. Must be high school graduate GED not acceptableand have completed at least one year of algebra with a minimum grade of "C". Transcripts or certified copy must be filed in service record when enlisted. Article Table of Contents Skip to section Expand.

The Pipeline: Episode 2- Location Photogrammetry

Working Environment. A-School Job School Information. Navy Enlisting Requirements. Other Requirements. About the Nuke ET Job. Continue Reading.With over creative nodes, Nuke delivers everything you need to tackle the diverse challenges of digital compositing.

This includes industry-standard keyers, rotoscope, vector paint tools, color correction and so much more. Deep Image compositing tools let you create and work with images that contain multiple opacity, color and camera-relative depth samples per pixel, so there's no need to re-render CG elements when content changes.

Nuke natively supports any number of image streams, making it simple to work with multiple camera views. With an efficient stereoscopic workflow built into the base application, Nuke has everything you need to tackle native stereo postproduction or 2D to 3D conversion work with speed and quality.

With all tools accessible through an intuitive fold-down layer system, the integrated Roto node gives precise control over even the most complicated rotoscope work right within Nuke.

nuke pipeline

Track and correct difficult objects with ease and accuracy using Nuke's unique keyframe tracking functionality, which makes tackling difficult occlusion problems and luminance variations fast and painless. Nuke provides a wide range of keyers to assist in extracting mattes from images. Save additonal time by manipulating keyframes directly in the dope sheet. The Text node in Nuke lets you enter text directly into the viewer, then edit, modify or animate it on a per-character basis with all the standard word processing and editing features you could need.

Warp Effects in Nuke allow you to transform or morph images within parameters you set whether you are working with grids, splines or vectors. Additionally, the Spline Warp node is linked to the Roto tools, so splines can be copied between nodes.

The Denoise node lets you create cleaner images with less grain. This functionality is useful for any artists working with retiming, speed-ramping, time-remapping, slow-motion effects and motion blur.

Just choose a focus point on camera and blur an image according to the depth map channel. Powerful and highly scalable, Nuke's resolution-independent, multi-channel pipeline allows you to read and output at any image size and manage over 1, user-definable bit floating-point color channels. Nuke's Multi-threaded, scanline-based rendering engine also enables faster, more accurate results with ultra high resolution footage.

A robust multi-channel workflow makes for more efficient compositing by allowing you to manage multi-pass renders in a single stream, separate individual passes for manipulation and work natively with high-dynamic-range imagery HDRI.

The Nuke range fully supports HDRI formats through a floating-point processing pipeline to ensure any edits or changes you make are done non-destructively, without compromising quality. Nuke's Pixel Analyzer gives you easy access to a wide variety of detailed image color values through intuitive in-viewer scrubbing and region box selection tools.The six men who gathered at the roadside cafe southeast of Moscow last Thursday did not go there for the food.

They went there for the uranium. Some of the men, members of the Balashikha criminal gang, claimed to be in possession of 2 lbs. The others--the buyers--seemed prepared to pay it. The deal may actually have gone off had Russian security forces not been watching. They swept in, arrested all six men and were led back to the apartment of a seventh, where a capsule containing the promised uranium was hidden. By that evening, the case--the first officially acknowledged theft in Russia of weapons-grade uranium--was getting big play on local TV.

The Russian police had reason to be proud; the rest of the world had one more reason to be nervous.

Recruiting a "Nuke"

For while the bust was disturbing, it was hardly unique. After 60 years of building nuclear bombs and nuclear reactors, the world is fairly awash in radioactive slag--from spent fuel rods to medical waste and contaminated tools--much of it held under little if any security in labs, hospitals and factories. Even the high-test weapons-grade material that's supposed to be locked down at military installations is not as secure as it ought to be.

Some weapons-storage facilities don't even have video monitors. That such deadly material is so loosely guarded has been the source of much anxiety since Sept. Last week reports surfaced of a meeting in Afghanistan at which an al-Qaeda associate waved a canister of what he said was nuclear material in the air to demonstrate to bin Laden and others how much progress had been made in securing the stuff.

But bin Laden is only a part of the nuclear terror problem. Since the fall of the Soviet Union and the rise of global terrorist groups, a new market has emerged to manage the increased supply of--and demand for--nuclear contraband. More and more radioactive material has been getting filched, bundled and sent flowing through an increasingly busy pipeline from Russia and the old Soviet states into the hands, it is feared, of people desperate enough to use it.

The Russian government alone lists up to terrorist organizations it believes may be trying to obtain nuclear material.

In Istanbul last month, Turkish undercover officers arrested two smugglers who attempted to sell them more than 2.

nuke pipeline

In July police in Paris raided an apartment in which three men were holding a small quantity of highly enriched uranium and plane tickets to various East European countries. And these busts are only the high-profile ones. Russia has broken up attempted transactions since The International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna reports sinceand Turkey has recorded cases of non-weapons grade smuggling in that same time.

Moreover, for every trafficker who has been caught, chances are that many more are still in the game--a fact that has security planners deeply worried. The likeliest source of most radioactive booty is Russia and the surrounding states, and the material they have to offer comes in two varieties. Top-quality, weapons-grade material is the only kind that can used to build a true nuclear-fission bomb, and is both hard to obtain and harder to turn into an explosive.

But lower-grade radioactive rubbish is also dangerous. It can be fashioned into a so-called dirty bomb: a conventional explosive packed with waste that spreads radiation in all directions. There are at least facilities around the former Soviet Union that store warheads and weapons-grade material, and most of them are reportedly not properly secured. Along the country's eastern coast, according to some sources, up to 80 abandoned, loosely guarded nuclear submarines are rusting in bays and inlets, their torpedo tubes and other openings providing possible access for intruders and an exit for radioactive leakage.

The country's nuclear power plants may be just as porous. Poorly paid, highly inebriated men make a shabby line of defense against terrorists and traffickers.Nuclear Power School is a technical school operated by the U. Navy in Goose Creek, South Carolina to train enlisted sailors, officers, KAPL civilians and Bettis civilians for shipboard nuclear power plant operation and maintenance of surface ships and submarines in the U.

Additionally, each applicant must pass an interview with the Advanced Programs Coordinator in the associated recruiting district. All officer students have had college-level courses in calculus and calculus-based physics.

Acceptance to the officer program requires successful completion of interviews at Naval Reactors in Washington, D. Women were allowed into the Naval Nuclear Field from untilwhen the Navy began only allowing men again. They then continue to Nuclear Power School. This training involves the operation and simulated maintenance of nuclear reactor plants and steam plants.

The enlisted school has a very high academic attrition rate. The first formal Nuclear Power School was established in New London, Connecticut in January with a pilot course offered for six officers and fourteen enlisted men. Many improvements were added to the command to improve each sailor's quality of life and the effectiveness of training.

The Bachelor Enlisted Quarters include microwaves and refrigerators along with semiprivate rooms joined by a common bath. The complex also includes a galley, recreation building, and recreation fields conveniently located for the sailors' use. Even more intensive than the enlisted course, the officer course involves extensive post-calculus mathematical examination of reactor dynamics.

Officers cover all topics in equal depth, whereas enlisted training is specialized for each student's job rating with significant cross-training in the remaining nuclear specialties. The officer course also requires students to have undergraduate engineering or science degrees. The nuclear program is widely acknowledged as having the most demanding academic program in the U.

The school operates at a fast pace, with stringent academic standards in all subjects. Students typically spend 45 hours per week in the classroom, and are required to study an additional 10 to 35 hours per week outside lecture hours, five days per week.

Because the classified materials are restricted from leaving the training building, students cannot study outside the classroom. Students who fail tests and otherwise struggle academically are required to review their performance with instructors. The student may be given remedial homework or other study requirements. Failing scores due to personal negligence, rather than a lack of ability, can result in charges of dereliction of duty under the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

Failing students may be held back to repeat the coursework with a new group of classmates, but such students are typically released from the Nuclear Power Program and are re-designated or discharged. The following select colleges offer college credit and degree programs to graduates of the U.

The American Council on Education has evaluated the course of instruction at NNPTC and recommended the following credits be given for completion of the enlisted curriculum: [ citation needed ].

Nuke Pipeline TD

The Catholic University of America offers graduate level credit for completion of the officer training course. These moored training ships have their missile compartments removed, but have fully operational S5W reactor power plants. Both of these training ships are equipped with a diesel generator-powered Supplemental Water Injection System SWIS to provide emergency cooling water in the event of an accident.The Nuke family makes up a fundamental ecosystem of tools with a global, industry-wide reach and impact—powering up pipelines, talent pools, and studios large and small.

Fast, powerful industry standard node-based compositing toolkit. Nuke is the shot based compositing toolset at the heart of the Nuke family. From stereo to deep compositing, Nuke includes all of the essential compositing tools. Multi-shot management, editorial, compositing and review. Nuke Studio adds an editorial environment to a full NukeX, giving artists working on multiple shots more context and control along with the familiar compositing nodegraph.

Advancing the art of digital compositing, NukeX adds advanced tools for tracking, clean up and refining 3D. Putting more power and control in the hands of compositors whilst reducing the need to round trip to other packages. Artist desktop player. Review multi-shot timelines in context with seamless timeline sharing with Hiero and Nuke Studio.

Flexible and customizable, HieroPlayer caters to your workflow. Multi-shot management, conform, editorial and review, Hiero has the same customisable timeline as Nuke Studio without the compositing nodegraph. Hiero enables you to create and review timelines, and even generate Nuke scripts, providing greater creative control from start to final delivery. Nuke To become a member of the Netflix Post Technology Alliance, Nuke underwent rigorous evaluation to make sure it met the Netflix technical and workflow requirements needed in the post production and delivery of Netflix Originals.

Discover how artists and studios around the world use Nuke to push the boundaries of creativity and deliver epic results, from VR projects to the biggest feature films. Nuke has made possible things we couldn't have imagined doing in compositing.

There is not a single project where we don't need to use its 3D pipeline for ease. I cannot thank Foundry enough for making comping so exciting! Nuke is the compositing tool of choice for Framestore's film productions; it is incredibly versatile, customizable and user friendly.Let friends in your social network know what you are reading about. A link has been sent to your friend's email address.

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Please be polite. It's OK to disagree with someone's ideas, but personal attacks, insults, threats, hate speech, advocating violence and other violations can result in a ban. If you see comments in violation of our community guidelinesplease report them. Nita Lowey in demanding the NRC hold a briefing to explain its decision. Indian Point is scheduled to shut down inwith one of its two remaining reactors closing this April. Its owner, Louisiana-based Entergy, has a pending deal to sell the Buchanan power plant and its acres to Holtec International, a New Jersey based decommissioning firm that has promised to tear down the plant in 15 years.

In fact, the operator said it would take twice that amount of time to shut down gas valves. The pipeline, which began operating inis owned by Enbridge Energy Partners and carries natural gas north from Pennsylvania, coursing through communities in Westchester, Putnam and Rockland counties.

NRC spokesman Scott Burnell said the agency is reviewing the report but there are no immediate plans to revisit the decision. The Inspector General report raises legitimate issues. The staff is reviewing the analysis and related processes as directed by the Chairman. LOSS: Algonquin gas pipeline opponents lose legal challenge, may appeal.

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